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Jonathan Olson (’07)

Jonathan Olson, who graduated in June 2007, spent the following year working in East St. Paul as   a VISTA volunteer, “helping flesh out the mayor’s ‘second shift’ initiative, doing after school activities for kids.  In my free time after work, I’ve been exploring the city by bike, bus, and foot.  It’s surprising to find […]

Think! Win Valuable Prizes!

The Great American Think-Off is held each year inthe tiny town of New York Mills, Minnesota. This year’s contest topic is “Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?” Seven-hundred-and-fifty-word essays on the topic are due by April 1 (no fooling here). Contest finalists will debate the matter in New York Mills on June […]

Don McNeil (’85)

Don McNeil (’85) is a trial lawyer, working in business litigation. He reports that “I take on some cases for a cause just to keep things a little on the edge. I would imagine the latter is true for most Philosophy majors.”

Gone, but not forgotten: blogs at the end of their road

We at Philosophy Blog Central bid farewell  to several  links to student and alumni blogs, written during study and travel programs that have now ended. The blogs live on, however, in wherever it is that blogs go when they have fulfilled their bloggy mission. And you can still find them thanks to this metablog post! […]

Cory Mehan (’99)

Cory Mehan, a 1999 graduate, reports that he spent seven years working in the public sector on housing issues, before making the move to United Health Group Information Technology, where he works as a business analyst.

Adam Tehle (’07)

Adam Tehle (’07) has returned to Gustavus, where he is proudly serving as an admission counselor for the college. We expect to net a LOT more philosophy majors as a result of having an “in” in admissions!

Christine (Eilertson) Bronson (’94)

Christine (Eilertson) Bronson (’94) is the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Human Services for the State of Minnesota.

Was that Alex with a reindeer?

Sophomore philosophy major Alex Legeros is spending this spring in Sweden, with the Gustavus Semester in Sweden program, led by Scandinavian Studies professor Roland Thorstensson. Oh, and by the way, Lisa will be leading the trip to Sweden in the Spring of 2010….

“Show me something pleasurable and I’ll show you something which is very likely associated with Pleistocene adaptation”

Denis Dutton, Professor of Philosophy at University of Canterbury in New Zealand, has published a book entitled The Art Instinct, in which he argues that art is an evolutionary adaptation. If you give a monkey a typewriter….

David Walker (’90)

The movie Bella begins with a line, “If you want to make god laugh, tell him you plans.” This line neatly sums up Dave’s experience in the nearly 20 years since graduating from Gustavus. Since graduating, Dave studied philosophy in a wonderful MA program in Ireland under a wise and fatherly advisor. This was followed […]