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Chris deLaubenfels (’08)

Chris deLaubenfels (’08) is spending the 2008-09 academic year teaching in New York City, as part of Teach for America.

Reflecting on the current crisis: an invitation

Last Sunday morning, while driving to Minneapolis, I happened to catch a radio program on which eight prominent intellectuals–ethicists and environmentalists, theologians and historians, scientists and artists–spoke about the current economic crisis. Well, sort of. They weren’t talking about subprime mortgages or TARP or whether or not to nationalize the banks. Instead, they were considering […]

Charles Stringer (’85)

Charles Stringer (1985) is a licensed attorney in California and Washington with over 15 years experience in commercial, environmental, natural resources, and American Indian law and policy.  He is in-house counsel and a principal with Renewable Resources Group, where he manages several renewable energy and large-scale water conservation, storage, and transfer projects.

Joel Jensen (’97)

Joel Jensen (’97) received a Ph.D. in architecture, with a dissertation in architectural ontology. He teaches philosophy at North Hennepin Community College.

Danny George (’08)

Danny George (’08) is teaching English in South Korea during the 2008-09 year.

John Hallsten

John Hallsten is retired but enjoyed several “different lives” during his professional life; parish pastor in several parishes;  Lutheran University Pastor (NLCM) at CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado;  clinical psychologist at UAF in Fairbanks, Alaska;  Clinical Supervisor, Yukon–Tanana Region of the Tanana Chiefs in Interior Alaska; and private practice in Fairbanks, Alaska. John notes that “Memories I have […]

Kaaren Williamsen (’95)

Kaaren Williamsen, a 1995 graduate of Gustavus, is the Director of the Gender, Women and Sexuality Center at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. You can still find Kaaren’s senior thesis on our department webpage.

Kara Barnette (’05)

2005 graduate Kara Barnette is a member of the philosophy department at Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah. Kara’s path took her first to graduate school at the University of Oregon, and then to a stint teaching back in her old department at Gustavus. While her teachers-then-colleagues miss her, we’re delighted that she found […]

Jeanie Reese (’92)

Jeanie Reese (’92) is the mother of another philosophy department graduate; Don McNeil (’85).

Chris Marshall (’90)

Chris Marshall (’90) is Field Editor for Woodworker’s Journal. He lives in rural Ohio on a ten acre farm, where, he reports, “I build things from wood, write about them, photograph the process and am always there at the end of the driveway at the end of the day to get my kids off the […]