The Blue, Brown…and PINK Books??? A Wittgenstein Archive Unpacked Posted on April 28th, 2011 by

by Christiaan Tonnis on Flickr Some rights reserved.



Two boxes of manuscripts and papers belonging to Ludwig Wittgenstein are in the process of being studied and prepared for publication by Arthur Gibson of Trinity College, Cambridge, the college at which Wittgenstein himself was a professor.

Reportedly, the contents of the archive include a pink notebook, whose contents are written in both the hand of Wittgenstein and that of his companion and amanuensis, the mathematician Francis Skinner. The pink notebook dates from the time of the famous Blue and Brown Books, so named for the colors of the notebooks whose published contents have come to be crucial pieces of Wittgenstein’s middle period.

A different pink notebook, this one owned by Milky, at Flickr.

Check out the full story of the new Wittgenstein archive here.


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