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GAC TALKS feature two philosophy majors

Logan Boese and Sam Hoppe were among the speakers at the premier edition of GAC TALKS, held on Saturday, March 22. The talks are archived here.

Lexi Liston: “Fortunately, We May Not Have Time”

Philosophy major Lexi Liston was selected to present at the Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy. Here’s the abstract of Lexi’s paper, entitled “Fortunately, We May Not Have Time”: Our perceptions and beliefs about reality do not always reflect the true nature of reality. Conceptions of time are an example of this. Are hours […]

Why study philosophy? “Plato at the Googleplex” author weighs in

In this piece in the ATLANTIC MONTHLY, Rebecca Goldstein, philosopher and author of the recently-published book PLATO AT THE GOOGLEPLEX, offers her arguments for the study of philosophy, and also responds to scientists like Stephen Hawking, who have declared philosophy dead. Why do YOU think one should study philosophy? (Or why do you think it’s […]