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That is the sound of Philosophy just barely squidging out a victory over Classics, in a game that went into extra innings. Final score: 14-13. Film at 11.

The Philosophers’ Team will feature PHILOSOPHERS

The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that it will be fielding an all-philosophers team at Thursday’s Classics-Philosophy Kickball Classic. That is, all members of the team will be either philosophy majors or philosophy minors. Declaration of major/minor forms will be available prior to the game and faculty members will be on hand to sign […]

Philosophy vs. Classics: The Annual Kickball Smackdown

Fans will want to mark their calendars for this Thursday, when the Somethingth Annual Philosophy-Classics Kickball Classic will be held on the kickball pitch near Confer/Vickner at 3:30. (We refuse to contemplate the possibility of a rain location.) Rumor has it that Classics is again buying a team, in hopes of repeating their last year’s […]

Doug Huff: PBK him ASAP

On Thursday, May 1st, Professor Douglas Huff became Gustavus Adolphus College’s most recent honorary inductee to the Eta Chapter of Minnesota of Phi Beta Kappa in recognition of his lifelong dedication to the humanities and liberal arts. Several colleagues, past and present, across a variety of departments and divisions nominated Doug for this, further emphasizing that […]

Did you just this morning forget why you should study the humanities?

Let Eric Liu, former speechwriter to Bill Clinton, remind you: “A humanities education offers very few skills except for those that can’t be automated. A humanities education offers very little job security except for the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.” Thanks to Paul Saulnier for forwarding this article, from which the quotation comes. In […]

Deane Curtin awarded faculty scholarship prize at Honors Day

Congratulations to Deane Curtin! Fresh on the heels of his organization of this year’s wonderful May Day peace conference about Tibet, Curtin was awarded the annual prize given to a faculty member in recognition of their outstanding scholarship. You can find links to information about his publications and presentations here.

The Mandala Project

A superb photo of the mandala construction, taken by Deane Curtin, who was central to the organizing of this year’s conference. Check out this time lapse film of the creation and destruction of the mandala.