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Michael Boe (’82)

Michael Boe (’82) is a librarian with the Hennepin County Library System. For several years, he was the bookmobile librarian, where he learned, firsthand, the cognitive power of reading to children: “the neurons that fire together wire together.”

Andi Twiton (’08)

After two years with   Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Andi Twiton (’08) is attending Luther Northwestern Seminary in St. Paul as of the fall of 2010.

Andrew Erickson (’05)

Andrew Erickson (’05) is a graduate student in history at the University of Wisconsin.

John Biewen (’83)

John Biewen (’83) is the audio program director for Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. A voice frequently heard on NPR, John first started in public radio work at the suggestion of his philosophy professor, Deane Curtin. John has a few thoughts about how the study of philosophy is useful.

Nathan Carroll (’95)

Nathan Carroll (’95) is a professor in the Department of Communication and Theater Arts at St. Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota.

Rhea Muchalla and Angela Davis

Senior philosophy major Rhea Muchalla had the opportunity to meet one of her intellectual inspirations in the fall of 2008 when she attended the Radical Philosophy Association biennial conference in San Francisco. Here is Rhea, pictured with Angela Davis, author of numerous works including, most recently, Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture and Empire. Rhea also […]

John Hallstein

John Hallstein  is retired, from several  “different lives”; parish pastor in several parishes, in what is now the ELCA, Lutheran University Pastor (NLCM) at CSU in Ft. Collins, CO,  clinical psychologist at UAF in Fairbanks, Alaska, Clinical Supervisor, Yukon–Tanana Region of the Tanana Chiefs in Interior Alaska, and private practice in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Timothy Colburn (’74)

Timothy Colburn (’74) reports that he was the only philosophy major in his class. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown University but was wooed by the siren song of computer science, and pursued a degree in that field at Michigan State. After spending several years at Honeywell, he took a position as professor […]

J.R. Roever (’01)

J.R. Roever graduated in 2001 and went on to receive and M.A. in philosophy and a J.D. from Marquette University. He’s now an attorney for Halloin Murdock in Milwaukee.

Gabe Ormsby (’93)

Gabe Ormsby (1993) worked for many years in the nonprofit sector. His last job was “equal parts webmaster, database administrator, ‘help desk,’ and general techie at Friends of the Mississippi River in historic downtown Saint Paul.” Recently, Gabe has made the move to higher ed; he now works for the University of Minnesota as a […]