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Call for Papers: a new undergrad journal at Bard College

Qualia, Bard College's first undergraduate philosophy journal, is seeking submissions in the hope of producing its spring 2012 issue. We will accept essays on any topic in philosophy. If you know of any students who would be interested in submitting to us, we kindly ask that you forward this letter to them. Qualia's goal is […]

Call for papers for the undergraduate journal Stance

CALL FOR PAPERS Stance seeks original philosophical papers authored by current undergraduates. Submission Guidelines: Stance welcomes papers concerning any philosophical topic. Current undergraduates may submit a paper between 1500 and 3500 words in length (footnotes may extend the word limit 500 words at most). Stance asks that each undergraduate only submit one paper for the […]

Brain Science Podcasts for Philosophers

This year’s Nobel Conference holds much of interest for the philosophically-minded (ar ar); the areas of intersection between brain science and philosophy of mind are many and various. If you find its issues to be intriguing, you might also be interested in The Brain Science Podcast, a monthly podcast that is described as being “for […]

Philosophy Now: Electronic access now available on campus!

Anyone using a campus computer can now access the magazine Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideas, including the entirety of all back issues. Here’s what the magazine has to say about itself: “Philosophy Now is a newsstand magazine for everyone interested in ideas. It aims to corrupt innocent citizens by convincing them that philosophy can […]

What are you reading?

  On the last day of class, a couple of  students came up to ask me for suggestions for summer reading. I have a sneaking hunch they asked me because I’d earlier confessed to the class that I almost always find reading philosophy to be a kind of agony of the first water. They probably […]

We say: bring it on! We have no cavities!

The now-firmly-annual Gustavus Classics vs. Philosophy Kickball Match is ON! The classicists have flung down an idle taunt about us having cavities (which we note they’ve misspelled).   But in response, we say to them: numbers don’t lie. Three years; three wins.           And together, we, the denizens of the first […]

The Blue, Brown…and PINK Books??? A Wittgenstein Archive Unpacked

    Two boxes of manuscripts and papers belonging to Ludwig Wittgenstein are in the process of being studied and prepared for publication by Arthur Gibson of Trinity College, Cambridge, the college at which Wittgenstein himself was a professor. Reportedly, the contents of the archive include a pink notebook, whose contents are written in both […]

That’s a Non-Sequitor at the Thirty Yard Line

What if Monty Python’s famous football match had been refereed? It might have looked like this…. On the other hand, consider memorizing these signals for the next time you go to a philosophy conference.

Philosophy podcasts of note

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the car these past weeks, which means I’ve caught up on my podcast listening. I’ve heard a few casts that might spark the interests of students of philosophy. First, the granddaddy of philosophy podcasts, Philosophy Bites, recently produced an interview with Martha Nussbaum, on a topic near […]