Classicists Stoop Low

Posted on May 21st, 2013 by

This morning, the Early Morning Philosopher walked into our department in Old Main, only to be greeted by this at the door:





And then, inside the door, this:


and this:


then this:













Well, you get the idea.

Classicists. At it again, trying to talk tough. Admittedly their effort is a little tamer, a little less flamboyant than last year:
















Not that a fancy cardboard horse did them much good. Turns out it was empty inside.

And so, to this, the latest lame taunt from the Classics department, we in Philosophy say,

“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but calling us Ayn Rand lovers will never rattle us enough to lose to the department that has never yet, not one single solitary time, won the Philosophy-Classics Kickball Game.”

Wondering when the big match is this year? Yeah, I knew you were. It’s Wednesday, 4:00, by the art building. Come root for the winning team, Team Tilde!






One Comment

  1. Karl Grant says:

    I’ll admit, calling anyone an Ayn Rand lover is pretty harsh. Still, we classicists needed to do something bold, seeing as we have had trouble actually winning this contest.

    You better bring it tomorrow, philosophers. Don’t get haughty and commit hubris; ’twill surely lead to your downfall.