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Happy World Philosophy Day!

  Hey! Get out there and examine your life! It’s World Philosophy Day, and even though UNESCO seems to have stepped away from its sponsorship of the day (perhaps they’re still exhausted from the crazy intensity of last year’s celebrations? Perhaps they decided that ten years was enough?) here at Gustavus, we’re still all about […]

A musical offering: 2012 grad Alex Legeros

Check out how Alex Legeros, philosophy major and bassoonist, is using social media to raise the profile of A Musical Offering, the St. Paul-based music ensemble for which he works as assistant.

Camus, Take Two: Bringing meaning to your (work) life

A recent NPR story, posted on the existentialist Camus’s birthday, offers a glimpse into the reasons that many people are lured by the siren song of boring jobs…only to realize that they’re, well, boring.  Give it a three minute listen.

Deane Curtin: The Art of Happiness

Did you miss the talk about Deane Curtin’s year in India, and his work on a project commissioned by the Dalai Lama? You can check out the WEEKLY article here, but even better, you can see the whole talk right here.

Happy Birthday Albert Camus!

Somehow, he doesn’t seem like the birthday-cake-with-a-hundred-candles type, but it IS the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the influential existentialist philosopher Camus. NPR ran an interesting story about him this morning, discussing the reception his work receives in his birth home, Algeria. Check it out here.