Happy World Philosophy Day! Posted on November 21st, 2013 by

2013-11-21 08.27.59  Hey! Get out there and examine your life!

It’s World Philosophy Day, and even though UNESCO seems to have stepped away from its sponsorship of the day (perhaps they’re still exhausted from the crazy intensity of last year’s celebrations? Perhaps they decided that ten years was enough?) here at Gustavus, we’re still all about it. Bundle up and wander around campus to see the quotations from philosophers known and  unknown, sung and unsung, specially chosen for the buildings near which they are chalked. (Hey! You can chalk your own, if you don’t find your favorite phil gal or guy quoted.)

Later on today, plan to attend the talk by Kierkegaard scholar Gordon Marino, sponsored by Scan Studies with a little help from philosophy.

And then, because no one can really fit in ALL the celebrating in just one day, come on over to Old Main on Friday at 2:30 for our weekly tea trolley, this week featuring World Philosophy Day (plus one) cake! Bring your own teacup.

WAIT! THIS JUST IN! There IS something on the UNESCO site about this year’s events. The theme is “Inclusive Societies, Sustainable Planet.”

On the subject of sustainable planets, consider participating in the National Solidarity Fast for Climate Change for a day or more this week.


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