Philosophy alumni in military service

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2014-11-11 10.02.11The philosophy department welcomed back three of its alumni currently serving in the military, for a dinner discussion with current majors about the role of philosophy in their lives in the service. Nancy (Carlson) McCoy is currently a judge advocate for the army, stationed at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Lance Switzer is an XO (Executive Officer) in the army, stationed in Hawaii.Alex Legeros’s military service is with the army band at For935883_2794337138935_1973855198_nt Snelling.

Finally, we also heard from current student and Navy veteran, Logan Roubo. Spanish Amphibious Landing Exercise 2011, PHIBLEX 2011


Thanks to alumna Helen Onufrak, for her generous financial support for this program



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  1. Peg O'Connor says:

    It was a great evening!