Mick Beltz ’96: Another real-live philosopher thinking about his Gustavus philosophy major

Posted on January 16th, 2016 by

Here’s another philosophy graduate who’s working as a philosopher!

Michael BeltzAfter I graduated in 1996, I went to Michigan State University for my master's in philosophy. There I focused 
primarily in logic and the philosophy of science. After completing my Master's degree, I pursued a PhD in Cultural Studies at George 
Mason University. In 2007, I started working for the University of North Dakota's philosophy department. I am now a senior lecturer 
and am the primary ethicist and logician in the department. Despite my resistance to ethics as an undergraduate student, I have found
 great joy in teaching applied ethics, which has become my main focus area.
My path after graduating with a philosophy degree is probably closer to what most undergraduates expect people do with their degrees. 
Nevertheless, Gustavus' philosophy department shaped the ways that I think about myself, philosophy, and education. As I start each 
semester, I strive to have a comparable level of impact on my students as you did when I was an undergraduate.

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