Bill Voelker: Thinking about his philosophy major now….

Posted on April 16th, 2016 by

Bill writes:
What I found in studying philosophy at Gustavus was the joy of thought, well ordered. The ability to quickly suss out and dissect arguments, to take an x-ray and see the skeleton holding everything up while leaving the other bits aside, is invaluable in any walk of life. Philosophy first attracted my attention with the magnificent thought-edifices so many have constructed (Plato, Spinoza, Hegel, for three), but once past those — fascinating as they were — learning the use and application of the tools with which those structures were built (the very same tools which can be used to bring them down) has become far more satisfying. The study of philosophy is, at its core, entirely practical, and will serve well those who take to it seriously. The professors I studied under in the philosophy department, and the classes they led at Gustavus, greatly helped in developing that seriousness while at the same time modeling the enjoyment of the process of discovery.
May today be a fine day at Gustavus! I truly value my time there, and I hope the current group of students has the same sort of experiences.

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