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Philosophy and Dining Service present at national food studies conference

Rising senior philosophy majors Jens Thomsen and Sami Manick, philosopher Lisa Heldke and dining service director Steve Kjellgren presented a panel at the annual joint conference of the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS) and the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society (AFHV), held in Burlington, Vermont in June. Their panel, “Making […]

Lexi Liston: “Fortunately, We May Not Have Time”

Philosophy major Lexi Liston was selected to present at the Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy. Here’s the abstract of Lexi’s paper, entitled “Fortunately, We May Not Have Time”: Our perceptions and beliefs about reality do not always reflect the true nature of reality. Conceptions of time are an example of this. Are hours […]

Philosophy Students at the Annual Celebration of Creative Inquiry

Students in the spring Philosophy of Food seminar participated in Celebration of Creative Inquiry. They include the following twelve students (only some of whom, alas, your humble reporter managed to photograph): David Krebs, “The True Value of Fast Food” Robert Miner, “Perceptions of Alcohol, an Ethical Look at Consumption” Lance Switzer, “Abandon Ship: Engaged Buddhism’s […]

Just in time for beach reading

Wondering what to read when you head to the ocean/lake/bathtub this summer? How about bringing along your waterproof laptop, so you can check out the theses produced this year by our six senior majors? Navigate on over to http://gustavus.edu/academics/philosophy/seniortheses.php. Summer is the perfect time for theory, don’t you think?

Senior Philosophers Present

The six graduating members of the philosophy department presented their thesis research at the second annual Celebration of Creative Inquiry, held in the college dining rooms on Friday, May 1. Representing the department were Kate Goodpaster, Joe Hillman, Laurel Hoch, Rhea Muchalla, Jeff Nichols, Caleb Phillips.

Happy Birthday, Ghana!

Today, the West African nation of Ghana celebrates its fifty-second  independence day. Ghana  is  the first African nation to declare its idependence from colonial rule, which it did in 1957. The nation holds a particular significance for some philosophers, because its first leader, Kwame Nkrumah, was himself a philosopher. Nkrumah studied in the United States, […]

Rhea Muchalla and Angela Davis

Senior philosophy major Rhea Muchalla had the opportunity to meet one of her intellectual inspirations in the fall of 2008 when she attended the Radical Philosophy Association biennial conference in San Francisco. Here is Rhea, pictured with Angela Davis, author of numerous works including, most recently, Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture and Empire. Rhea also […]