Philosophy Students at the Annual Celebration of Creative Inquiry

Posted on May 11th, 2012 by

Students in the spring Philosophy of Food seminar participated in Celebration of Creative Inquiry. They include the following twelve students (only some of whom, alas, your humble reporter managed to photograph):

David Krebs, “The True Value of Fast Food”

Robert Miner, “Perceptions of Alcohol, an Ethical Look at Consumption”

Lance Switzer, “Abandon Ship: Engaged Buddhism’s Solution to an Inflexible Metaphor”

Bushra Wahid, “Prohibition of Pork”

David Walden, “To Feed a Slave”

Drew Ajer, "Why We Have an Obligation to Contribute to Famine Relief" Chris Cannady, "Why I Wouldn't Mind if You Ate Me"


Dan Burnett, "Parasitic Relations and Ethics"

Hallie Martin, "Food Feminism"

Antonio Herbert, “The Taste of Memory: Eating as a Total Sensory Experience”

Krystal Bundy,“Food Philosophy as an Alternative to Dualism and Relativism”

James Freetly,“What’s Your Pleasure: A Convivialist Reconstruction of Hedonism”



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