Philosophy on your iPod

Posted on February 15th, 2009 by

Lisa received a lime-green ipod for Christmas, a gift that vaulted her into the twenty-first century. Thanks to a tip from philosophy majors Rhea Muchalla (’09) and Shane Jensen (’10), she’s become a devotee of “Philosophy Bites,” a wonderful podcast program created by David Edmonds (of Wittgenstein’s Poker fame) and Nigel Warburton (a senior lecturer in philosophy at the Open University). Podcasts consist of ten- to twenty-minute interviews with well-known philosophers, talking about their areas of expertise in language designed to be understood by the non-expert. The interviews are, let us just say, far livelier than those dreadful talking-head films that we philosophers sometimes tend to produce, in our efforts to be “multimedia.”

Did you just this morning forget who Frege was? Misplace Machiavelli? Blank on Berkeley? Plug in your ipod and download a twenty minute refresher course!  Find them at


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