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Aristotle CAN kill you…at least if you’re a bore…er, a boar

It seems that being force fed Aristotle can kill you. At least if a volume of it is literally shoved down your throat, and you are a wild boar. According to legend/lore/myth/academic tall tale–as repeated by Phillip Brunelle on Weekend Edition Sunday–in the fifteenth century, a Queens College, Oxford scholar on his way to mass […]

World Philosophy Day…yesterday

It has come to our attention that yesterday was World Philosophy Day. Who knew? Since 2002, UNESCO has named the third Thursday in November World Philosophy Day, as a way to “make philosophical reflection accessible to all (professors and students, scholars and the general public, the young and the less young), thereby enlarging the opportunities […]

Fifty-EIGHT channels, and FINALLY somethin’ on….

(With apologies to Bruce Springsteen.) Announcing, the arrival of Philosophy TV!


Check out the latest entry on the Classics blog. At issue: should violent video games be protected under the First Amendment?  The Supreme Court will be taking up the issue later this year, and as  philosopher Alexander Nehemas notes, the case “may have the unusual result of establishing a philosophical link between Arnold Schwarzenegger and […]

Desperately Seeking Plato

The Greek government is claiming it will develop a new museum honoring Plato. This may be some consolation for the fact that the remains of his Academy are apparently lost for good. See the BBC story here.

Aristotle: The Novel

A novel (the first) by Annabel Lyon offers a fictionalized account of Aristotle’s time spent as the teacher of Alexander the Great. A review of the novel, The Golden Mean, can be found here.

Dial PHI for Philosophy

(File under “There’s an app for that.”) Having a philosophical emergency/crisis/conundrum/aporia? Are you stranded in a boat in the middle of the ocean that you are repairing one plank at a time/stranded in a crowded lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with only enough supplies for half the people aboard/lost in the Clouds Cuckooland/suddenly […]

Therefore I am a rhubarb tart

No one does philosophy like Monty Python does philosophy.

Megan Buckingham (’07)

Summer of 2010, Megan writes: “Currently I’m  in San Francisco, working as a Program Associate for Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR) and still working a bit for Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) as their intern & volunteer coordinator. CPR is a coalition, of which PANNA is an active member, so it’s a great gig […]

Joshua Broady Preiss (’99)

After teaching for three years at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, Joshua Broady Preiss returns to the Minnesota River Valley as Assistant Professor of Philosophy and the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Preiss received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.  He specializes in Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy.