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Bill Voelker: Thinking about his philosophy major now….

Bill writes: What I found in studying philosophy at Gustavus was the joy of thought, well ordered. The ability to quickly suss out and dissect arguments, to take an x-ray and see the skeleton holding everything up while leaving the other bits aside, is invaluable in any walk of life. Philosophy first attracted my attention […]

Gerald Christianson ’55

The upcoming philosophy department event, “How are you thinking about your philosophy major now?” is bringing us news of alums from many different decades. Here’s news of the ’50s. Gerald Christianson is Emeritus Professor in Residence at Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he has taught early and medieval church history since 1967. He received […]

Joel Jensen ’97: another philosopher!

Another graduate of our department who actually went on to be a philosophy professor! Joel writes, “After graduating from Gustavus in 1997 I had the usual mix of unusual jobs: house painter, bookstore clerk, librarian, bartender, professional croquet player (seriously), and a stint preparing food at the beloved St Peter Co-op.  I eventually found my […]

Nathan Carroll, Communication Studies Professor

Nate won’t be able to join us at the April reunion of philosophy alumni, because he’ll be teaching in Ireland for the term. He sent us a note instead: As an alum update, I’m a tenured Associate Professor in the Dept. of Communication, Theatre and Art at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN […]

Mick Beltz ’96: Another real-live philosopher thinking about his Gustavus philosophy major

Here’s another philosophy graduate who’s working as a philosopher! After I graduated in 1996, I went to Michigan State University for my master's in philosophy. There I focused primarily in logic and the philosophy of science. After completing my Master's degree, I pursued a PhD in Cultural Studies at George Mason University. In 2007, I […]

A philosophy major who’s a philosopher! Sean Kirkland ‘

Sean Kirkland is Associate Professor, Philosophy, at DePaul University in Chicago.  Sean won’t be able to join the Gustavus philosophers reunion, alas, but he has sent us news (and photos) of his current work. How great to hear from you! What a terrific alumni event you all have planned. I would most certainly come if […]

Steve Larson ’63: Therapist and Retired Clergy

The philosophy department has invited all living alumni of our department to return to the college on April 16 for a day of conversations we’ve called “How Are You Thinking About Your Philosophy Major Now?”  As replies begin to arrive, they are accompanied by wonderful letters. Here’s one from Steve Larson, a retired clergyman, therapist, and criminal justice program developer, […]