Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes? “Ha!” we say! Yes, “Ha!”

Posted on May 9th, 2012 by


   Monday, May 7, early rising philosophers were greeted with this apparition in the departmental offices in Old Main.


Closer inspection revealed some clues as to its origin….










What could it mean? Could the Classics Department possibly be taunting the philosophers, in advance of the giant annual Philosophy/Classics Kickball Smackdown? The Smackdown that has been won, every single year by the Philosophy Department??



Naaaaah, they’d know better than that.


And then, we realized: it was their way of congratulating us, on the fact that a philosopher’s horse had won the Kentucky Derby last weekend. 

So…thanks, Classicists! We appreciate your acknowledging our discipline’s equine achievements! And a hearty congratulations to I’ll Have Another, winner of the 2012 Kentucky Derby.




  1. Rhea Muchalla says:

    Such a fun story!

  2. Tracie Butler-Kurth '94 says:

    If the Philosophy Department triumphs again this year, I will contribute an additional $50 to Gustavus this year (above and beyond what I have been giving). Who else is with me?

  3. Patrick McDougle says:

    I love this rivalry!

  4. Lance Switzer says:

    They will receive an answer soon enough…

  5. Emily Persons says:

    what an attractive bunch of philosophers!

  6. Lisa Heldke says:

    Any of you grads who wishes to match or advance Tracie’s contribution, I can guarantee you it will go to a good cause! We’d love to get the electronic version of THE PHILOSOPHER’S INDEX (which the library currently can only afford in paper). Donate to the phil department, and I will personally do all that I can to send that money in the direction of the PHILOSOPHER’S INDEX.

    • Lisa Heldke says:

      Consider donating your year! OR ten times your year! Or a hundred times your year! (Graduated five years ago? Give five bucks. Or fifty. Or five hundred. Or, well, five times a google if you went into the computer industry.)

  7. […] As this blog has already noted, I’ll Have Another, the winner of the 2012 Kentucky Derby, is owned by a man who, at one time in his life, made his living as a philosophy professor.  In honor of this notable achievement, an anonymous alumna, horse lover, and racing fan has issued another challenge grant! […]

  8. […] mention how incredibly witty the gameside banter was? At one point, a member of the Classics team (continuing the horsey theme that characterized this year’s pregame season) was heard to announce “Our whole team is kind of like Sea […]

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